Upcoming Endeavors

When I think about the future, I think about this poem I wrote,
And I realize that if we were supposed to know the future God
would have shown it to us. Nevertheless, the fact that the future is uncertain,
doesn't change our ability, or our need to have a plan for the future.
(realizing that it can be changed.) So, after you read the poem,
you will see my very uncertain plans for what my future could bring!
Enjoy, and I'd love to hear your comments about what you would like to accomplish!

By: Elanee Smythe

What if we knew the future,
      What if our eyes could see?
The things which are to come shortly,
     And the things which are long to be?

What if our eyes where open,
     And nothing was left in the dark?
What if we saw our faults,
     And knew where we would miss the mark?

What if we knew how our actions,
      would determine our destiny?
What if we saw how our future,
      Really begins in eternity?

Don't you think we would want to change things,
      And alter what is inevitable?
We would go the opposite direction,
     And hope we were capable.

Of changing our futures for the better,
    And making all those bad things not happen.
We would become frustrated and upset,
    Over what has been planned by God.

And then we would miss the mark, and forget,
    Why we're here are where we're going.
We would never learn all those lessons,
    That come from not being all knowing.

So we would by pass all the problems,
     And the blessings that come with them too.
And we would live so happily,
    That heaven would be nothing new.

In fact we wouldn't want to leave,
    Because this earth would have it all.
We would think that nothing is better,
    Than to rise and never fall.

But, we must come down, from this lofty dream.
       And realize whose in control,
There's a reason we all have problems,
       And our cups aren't always full.

Because God knows best and we don't,

     And what really matters you see,
Is if we make all of our decisions,
     In light of ETERNITY.


Get my Driver's license.
Write 3 books and publish them. 
Volunteer for a local Charity.
Go to a concert of a Christian Musician.
Perform a concert of my own songs.

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