Completed Endeavors

My greatest completed endeavors so far are:
  • Recieving God's Salvation 
  • Memorizing over 3000 Bible verses
  • Memorizing James,Titus, 1&2 Peter, 2 Timothy, & Colossians
  • Competing in the National Bible Bee twice, and making it to Nationals both times
  • Writing a poem entitled "What our Flag Means to Me" and wining 1st place in an essay contest
  • (
  • Winning the Bob's Red Mill Baking competition three times
  • Winning 3rd place in a essay contest for the Humane Society
  • Learning to play Harp
  • Help my friend with her blog

  • Learning to play Piano
  • Keeping a journal of my life for 8 years
  • Passing my driver's permit test
  • Playing harp and piano for 3 weddings
  • Helped family members and friends and accomplish thier goals
  • Volunteered for community efforts, and Christian organizations
  • Became a certified food handler
  • Helped host the Bible Bee at our church
  • Volunteered at the 2012 & 2013 National Bible Bees
  • Started this blog
  • Posted encouraging insights on this blog
  • Started a business
  • Helped people with their needs
  • Encouraged and discipled younger girls
  • Organized and helped host three successful craft fairs
  • Raised over $7000.00 for Pregnancy Resource Centers 
  • Helped my sister teach numerous soap classes
  • Took over all shipping and handling for my sister's Soap Business 
  • (
  • Wrote and published my first book. (
  • Started raising chickens to sell the eggs.
  • Started watching dogs as a side business
  • Started my own Ebay and Amazon business.
  • Ran a 5k run

  • Sometimes we don't see the outcome of small endeavors for God, 
    most of the time the big picture is really blurry, but as we take each step in faith, 
    and do whatever God brings next the Hard things become easier, 
    and reality becomes more about God, and less about us!  
    The Christian Life is a series of Hard things done on a daily basis by people 
    who are uncommonly in love with God, and desire to please Him at all costs! 
    And so, we press on daily, with the in altering truth
    of God's Word written on our hearts, not seeing the future,
     but knowing that with God all things are possible!

    What hard things has God accomplished through you in your life?
    I'd love to hear your comments!

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    1. Congratulations. You are great. Keep it up. Your Endeavours are great lesson for us to clink on to Jesus and no one else in this world.

      Remember me in your prayers.

      I am Banumathy S