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I would love to review Memorized Bible verses with you, and to encourage you if you are planning on competing in the Bible Bee. I have competed Nationally twice, and I would love to help you!

I also am available toplay harp or piano for concerts, weddings, birthday parties, and receptions.
I have played harp for several weddings, and piano for one wedding, and several concerts.
My selections  include classical, Hymns, and folk songs. Contact me if you are interested!

My email address is


  1. Elanee,
    I just finished reading your blog. You are a dear young lady who our loving Heavenly Father is teaching and training for His glory. You are created for His pleasure and His glory! To God be all the glory.
    Thank you for sharing your testimony.
    Blessings and love, Mrs. Teshera

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Mrs. Teshera. I have been really blessed to be able to get to know you all recently. You are such a sweet friend:)