About Me

I spend my time studying the Bible, taking music lessons, practicing Harp and Piano, fellowshipping with dear friends, and ministering to and with my family. But I should introduce myself properly...

I'm a curly haired, sometimes quiet, but always ready to listen, daughter of Christ. My Life Purpose  is to give the last full measure of my love and devotion to God, and others, by enthusiastically sharing of myself in generous service to others, and by glorifying God with my life, and leaving the results in His hands. I love my Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and next to Him, I love my numerous dear sweet friends that encourage and support me in more ways than I can here recount.

I am passionate about many things, but here are a few that come to my mind right now:)
My relationships with people
Good music.
The Bible Bee
Scripture Memorization
Talking and listening
Knitting andCrocheting
Encouraging others
Writing and journaling
Cooking artisian Bread
Coffee and Chocolate:)

In case you were wondering, I love curly hair, tall people, harp, the color pink, piano, roses, excellent books, movie music, spending time with dear friends, singing, walking, running, playing Badminton & Fooseball, skiing, hiking to see a beautiful view, studying the Bible, and sweet comments from you:)

When I'm not on this blog or someone else's, you could find me writing in my journal which I have kept for 10 years, reading the Bible, practicing harp or piano, sewing, gardening, playing a game with family or friends, cooking up something delicious, corrdinating exciting events with my siblings, or collecting eggs from my 20 chickens.

I started my life long endeavor with God in 2010 just after completing the Bible Bee for the first time in my life. (You can read my complete testimony on the "my greatest endeavor"page.) Without a doubt, Christ is the most important person in my life, and without Him I would certainly be lost. Every day is a struggle for me, and I am constantly endeavoring to use time wisely, and get a closer relationship with the One who loves me most. It is my hope that my live will in some small way encourage you to continue endeavoring to live for Christ in all that you do. I pray that you will you join me, as I endeavor to seek to glorify Christ, as I strive to equip and encourage you as fellow Endeavorers for God.

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  1. Hi, I haven't met you but I think we have mutual friends on google plus. I found your blog today, and I noticed that you are a Bible Bee alumni! That is so neat! How far did you go all the way to nationals?!! I was in the Bible Bee for two years when I was 17 and 18 but I bever made it past the local bee.