A Place At The Table

A Place at the Table

Food has always had a special place in my life, and in the traditions of my family. Ever since I can remember we have been known for food we have made and brought to social events. People always rave about our homemade ice cream, or my fresh bread, or brownies, and I can't ever seem to make enough cookies to suffice the demand for them.

During my childhood I remember our Tuesday baking days. We could make anything we wanted to from any recipe we wanted to try. Each week we would make breads, cookies, granola, pies, cake, muffins, snack bars, and all sorts of baked goods and deserts. Sometimes I would work together with my siblings, and make things, and other times I would try something on my own. I remember the countless times I put too much baking soda in, or added too much salt, or over baked the cookies. My siblings and I learned how to put out oven fires quite well, and to not get too upset when the special bread we made got cooked for 30 minutes too long.
While cooking together we learned to love each other and forgive each other for our mistakes. We learned to be encouraging of each other's successes, and most memorably we learned to love food and the process of making it together. Mom was always so gracious and forgiving and found many ways to use our mistakes to teach us valuable character lessons, like asking forgiveness of each other, and cleaning up after ourselves.
Baking day Tuesdays have long been absorbed in the pages of our family history, and even though we don't always find the time to bake together anymore, we still enjoy food, and the way it brings us together. I am so grateful for all the lessons I learned from baking day Tuesday's, and how they helped me to be a better cook today.

Mom frequently reminds me of when I was just 4 years old, and would ask if I could set the table all by myself. She says I took great pride in being able to put the fork and knife and spoon in the right place. Sharing family meals was always a special treat when I was younger, and it still has a special place in my heart today. There's something magical about coming to a beautifully set table, and smelling all the scents of fresh homemade food wafting from the kitchen, and seeing the smiles on your family's faces, as they look at the beautifully set table and sit down to enjoy food and make history together.

To this day, I still enjoy setting the table beautifully, and making special food to surprise my family, and create an atmosphere of love to share together. I hope that someday I may be able to recreate baking day Tuesday's with my own future family, and pass on the tradition of love for food, and the joy of sharing it together. But for now, I enjoy making breads, cookies, cakes, and pastries. I can't get enough of making stir Fry's, and pastas, soups, and especially Caesar salad. Something inside of me is happy, and remembers all those special times we shared in the kitchen as a family when I see people enjoying food I made. It's like I'm able to invite them to that place at the table that is all prepared and just for them, and with one bite, they are sent back in time to find their own place at the table.

Making food will always have a special place in my heart, and it will always make me look forward to the Table that is set for me in heaven. I always know that whoever I become in my life, and wherever I go, there will always be a place for me at that table. God has lovingly prepared the food, and the scents of it's richness are waft into my heart each day as I am filled with the fullness of God's love for me, and I know that everything will be ok, because through the mercy of Christ, there is always a place at the table for me!

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