I Need Your Imput:)

My goal in life has always been to help other people, and make the most impact in the world. And so the other day I had this idea that I want to run past everyone on here:) I always love giving gifts to people for birthday's and special occasions, but I always have a hard time finding unique gifts and matching the personalities of the people I'm giving gifts to. 

So, my idea is for a subscribtion based gift service, where I would provide customized gifts handmade by other women, already wrapped, and send them annually to freinds of your choice. Gifts could be chosen based on what you know of the person, or I could use a Statistical method based off FB profiles and what people post on FB. Gift subscriptions could be purchased for the year, and all your friends and family could be covered for their special days, taking the worry of what to give them out our of your hands. So what are your thoughts? Obviously I'm still in the very beginning stages of this idea, but I just want to get imput and thoughts on it:) Looking forward to your comments!!

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