Month Long Trip Part 4- Disneyworld!

Who's missing summer? I know I am:) I love the warm sunshine, flip flops, the outside activities, and gardens, fresh fruit, and days filled with friends and activities. But fall is such a beautiful season, and I'm really enjoying the relaxation and sense of calm and reflection it brings with it.

 I have some photos from our trip to Disneyworld 2 years ago to share with you. Perhaps you remember these posts about our Month Long Trip that I did of our time back east in 2014. If so then you might remember I said it was going to be a 4 part series, and well, I just never got around to the fourth post until today. So enjoy this look back to fall two years ago in Florida that felt like summer.

Before you begin reading this post, go to this link and play this music to go along with this post. It will make it a lot better I promise:) It's the music from the Epcot Firework show at Disneyworld. 
( I like to skip past the first few seconds of the song just so you know;)

We spent 5 days in Disneyworld, and enjoyed it a lot. it was super fun to spend several of the days in the Park with friends from Bible Bee. I had my doubts about going to Disneyworld, and I especially didn't want to be bombarded with a worldly perspective on life. But, I was pleasantly surprised by the family friendly atmosphere, and level of character and excellence that I saw. Even the emplyoees had a sense of dignity, and a a standard of excellence that I haven't seen before. Not to say that there weren't rides we skipped, and parts of the parks we bypassed, but overall Disneyworld exceeded my expectations. 

One of my favorite rides was It's a Small World. I still have the song stuck in my head.

Evan & I couldn't resist trying on the Spanish hats.

We took lots of boat rides, and enjoyed being able to spend some of them with the S. family. 

Fun times:)

I really enjoyed seeing this beautiful butterfly. 

The Hall of the Presidents was probably the most amazing replication of history I have seen in real life. 

I loved being able to see the 4 amazing firework shows while we were there. 

A big highlight of the trip was going to the waterpark.

Originally I was a bit skeptical about the waterpark and what might be there, but it turned out to be an amazing experience, and we all enjoyed it a lot. 

This is the big  Summit Plummet slide that we all were excited about before the trip. It turned out to be quite exhilarating and a lot of fun. 120 feet straight down. 

 Disney world was full of beautiful architecture and attention to detail.

The Epcot fireworks show was my very favorite. SO beautiful and wonderfully engaging. 

Starting out on one of the rides. 

Cinderella's Castle 

Gondolas in the water park. 

Who says real life can't be magical? 

Part of the Magic Kingdom firework show. 

We had a fun time meeting up with the Strangs for part for our time. 

Getting ready to ride the flying dinosaurs. 

It's a bugs life. 

After our time at Disney world, we went to Destin beach on the other side of Florida to spend a few nights on the beach before heading back home. Here's some pictures of that time. 

The beautiful white sand beach 

Taking the inner tube out. The water was SO warm, even though it was November. 

I could get used to this life. 

Mom enjoying the beach

It was amazing how calm it was that day. 

The Sandheart castle we made. 

Exploring a wrecked sailboat. 

A small crab. 

Overall we had a wonderful time in Florida at Disneyworld, and I will always remember how special it was to spend that time together as a family. If you ever get a chance to go to Disneyworld I highly recommend it. You will not regret it, and you will make memories to last a lifetime. 

That's all for now. It's never too late to post pictures I guess:) 
I hope you all are doing well, and enjoying this season of life that God has blessed us with. 

Comment if you'd like to see more posts with pictures of what I've been up to lately. 


  1. Hahaha I saw this and was like wait... when did you go to Disney World again?! :P

  2. Aww! That was a really fun post Elanee! That's right it's never too late to document those fun memories! I'm sure it was fun remembering everything while putting this post together. :-) All those pictures and comments/stories about them were so fun to see. I'm SO glad you enjoyed yourself so much at Disneyworld..even the water park. :-) Oh man those pictures of the Epcot firework show,and the lit up castles and buildings at night were SO beautiful. I bet it was amazing to see in person. And Oh my, the beach looked SO nice too. Glad you didn't get too used to it there though...cause we would really miss you!! :-) Hehe