Let Your Life Be Like a Faucet!

O let my life be like a faucet, 
Let your water flow free, 
Let my life be a simple channel 
By which others see Thee. 

Just an idle piece of metal, 
Almost useless to be sure, 
We're all like broken faucets,
All stopped up without a cure. 

No water ever flowing, 
No handle ever turned, 
Our life sits still, and empty, 
Our true purpose never learned. 

But in Christ we have a hope, 
And only through His matchless grace,
He clears out all our grime, 
And puts living water in it's place. 

For when the faucet's broken, 
It does bear the shame, 
Oh, but when it's open, 
All the glory goes to Your name. 

He wipes away our dust,
Puts His shine upon our face, 
With His hand upon our future,
Our life is safe in His embrace.

Our purpose is discovered, 
Oh what a blessed thing to be,
A faucet spreading the water of life,
By which others become free.

A soul may be cleansed, 
A sin may be removed, 
An offense may be blotted out, 
A fault may be reproved.

Lives will be completely changed, 
By the His water, that from us flows free, 
But it's not because we are the faucet, 
It's because of His death on Calvary. 

So let your life be like a faucet, 
Let the water of Life flow free, 
Through your words, and deeds and thoughts,
Let your life say, "Christ lives in me."

I thought of this poem when I was washing my hands one night. Our sink had a clogged drain, and I was trying to fix it. I keep thinking about how sometimes our lives get all clogged up, and no one can see our true purpose. How we let mistakes, and failures cause us to be weighed down, and we cease make a difference in the lives of people around us. 

And then I couldn't help but see a picture of the hope we have in Christ. Just like that clogged drain, their was no hope for us to cleanse ourselves of our sin. We were utterly and completely powerless to do so. And the more we kept putting the water of our good works into the sink, the more clogged up, and proud we became. No, our only hope was for a supernatural (against nature) external source, to have compassion on us, and give His life so that our lives could be cleansed completely. Oh, what a blessed Christ we have, who has given us such a hope and a glorious future. 

"Oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death? ......I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh, 
The law of sin." Romans 7: 24-25 

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