Recent Endeavor- Raising Chickens!

For the past year and a half, I've been enjoying raising Chickens and selling eggs from our home. It has been a journey with many lessons, and I've had struggles and problems along the way, but overall it has been a tremendous blessing, and joy to have hens around our home, and to have fresh eggs every day. Here's some pictures of my journey with chickens so far. I hope you enjoy them:)

Evan built this beautiful chicken coop barn for me.
The coop in progress

Ready for chickens

My First 20 chicks. It was a stressful few weeks to make sure they were just right. 
Evan the master craftsman. 
Evan made large hinged doors on the coop for easy access and cleaning.

Ready for shingles

I Love how Evan painted the coop to look like a barn.

And the chicks grew up. 

Preparing to bring the hens to their new home.

Evan put the coop on wheels so it could be rolled around for fresh pasture. 

And then the eggs began to come:) It was so exciting to find the first egg in the nest.

A rainbow of colors. 

One of my Gold Star Hens.

A few months into raising chickens I dealt with my first emergency. 
One of my White Leghorns had her leg stuck under the coop while it was being moved, and her leg broke. 
We soaked her foot in Comfrey water, and wrapped it in a poultice, and popsicle sticks to brace it into place.

She was SO good to sit still for about 15 minutes while her leg soaked. Within a few days, she was entirely fine, and we all couldn't even tell which chicken it was with the broken leg.
One day, we were super surprised to find this egg. It was over 3 " long:)
And then another surprise came when we found this hen out in our yard roaming with my chickens. She was a flighty Red Leghorn that must have come from a neighbors yard or something. She stayed around our yard for a few weeks, until we found a home for her as she didn't really get along with our hens.
Another fun day was when I put up a swing for my chickens. It's fun to see them swinging back and forth when I come out to feed them in the morning. 

Now we have an abundance of eggs and are excited to be able to share them with our friends and community.

One day when we collected a bunch of eggs, Evan and I made this creation.

It has been SO fun to raise chickens, and see how God has created them to be expressions of His love and care for us. He has created such amazing creatures in chickens, and I'm blessed to be able to share some of my life with them. 

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end."

Ecclesiastes 3: 11

What are your favorite animals? What kinds of animals do you have? 


  1. Thanks for sharing! That was really neat to see!

  2. Your coop looks fantastic and pictures of the ombre color scheme of the eggs & eggs in a chicken shape are very creative. :) We were able to hatch chicks in an incubator & it was such a great experience. Little friends visiting our home LOVED them, too. It was a little bittersweet to say goodbye to them once they needed to move to the country! ;)