How Paying for Someone's Groceries Can Change Your Life

A couple years ago I heard a story on the radio that really impacted me. It was the testimony of a lady who had recently become a Christian as a result of someone paying for her groceries. She told of how she was in line at the supermarket one day, and when she went to pay for her groceries, the cashier said it had been covered by the previous customer, and that they had left a note for her. As I recall, the note simply said, "I love you and Jesus loves you, have a special day!" She was so amazed that someone would do this for her, especially at a time when she was almost without an income, and had been asking God to show her if He was real. The note moved her so much, that she began reading the Bible and accepted Christ soon afterwards. 

After I heard this story, I was SO touched, that I wanted to do something to pass on this to others. I mentioned it to my Mom, and she was also excited about it, and together we came up with this simple note to leave as we checkout from stores. Although it isn't much, we have received some wonderful and some heartbreaking texts, and calls as a result of it. It's amazing to see how a simple act of kindness can mean SO much to a stranger.

Dear Friend, 

You don't know me but I just wanted to let you know that I've paid $5.00 towards your purchase. I just wanted you to know that you are a unique human being created in the image of God. You are special, and no matter what your life is like, or what you're going through, God cares about you and so do I. He has given you the gift of life for a purpose. I hope that this small gift will help you fulfill the purpose God has for your life, and that you will find ways to use your gift of life to help others. If you need a friend or have a question about your purpose in life, give me a call, at (000-000-0000) Number has been changed for safety.)

May God bless you today! 


The stranger in line ahead of you~ 

 I encourage you to see how you can make this note and story personal for you. What might God be asking you to do to reach out to those in need around you? 


  1. What an awesome project! May God bless you as you bless others!

  2. Thanks for sharing this creative way of blessing others! Last year my grandparents were enjoying dinner with some friends and another customer anonymously paid for their meals. They still talk about that thoughtfulness! And recently someone paid for a whole long line of people at a coffee shop, including some friends & I. Really good idea to include the note, though, and have that opportunity to share the Gospel! This reminded me of this inspiring post, too, by a friend who blessed others on her birthday:) Blessings!