Golden Acres: It Began With a Snowstorm

The following is the first chapter of a book I started loosely based on my life, and what I know about it, and what I imagine it to be in the past, and future. The names and some details have been changed to for storytelling purposes, but other than that, the facts are true. I hope you enjoy it:)

"Looks like it's going to snow" Jean shouted out with excitement, as he starred out the double pained window in the living room. " Oh yes, look there's some snow just starting to come down!" Ivone exclaimed as she ran to the kitchen window to get a better look at the yard. "And just in time for Mom to go into labor. I hope she doesn't have to go into the hospital." Derrin said, as he closed the book he was reading. "Kids it's time for breakfast, come get some before you get distracted with the snow!" Mr. Mithe stated calmly. "The forecast says we're going to have a record snowstorm today, and we should have 4-5 inches by evening." "Can we go outside? Can we go sledding down the hill?" the siblings asked almost in unison. "Well yes, but not until there's more snow." Mr. Mithe said, "The midwife will be here in a few minutes, as your Mom is just beginning to go into labor. I want you all to get ready to go to the Letchers house for the evening like we planned while the baby is born. There's a possibility you might have to stay the weekend if it snows too much, so be sure to pack some extra clothes." Mr. Mithe Continued. "Yes Dad" Jean, Derrin,and Ivone said, as they hurried off to their rooms. 

The snow continued to fall all that day, and into the next, and into the next. At the Letchers house, Jean, Derrin, and Ivone enjoyed sledding, and making snowmen, and snow angels, and having snowball fights. They almost forgot all about their mother having their newest sibling until Mrs. Letcher came outside while they were in the midst of a big snowball fight. "Children, I want you to come inside now, we are going to go see your new sibling." She called out, as a snowball whizzed past her head. "Oh I totally forgot about the new baby" Jean said, as he rushed inside with snow all over his boots. "Is it a boy or a girl?" Ivone asked as she helped Jean take off his boots. "Well your parents want to wait till you see the baby to tell you." Mrs. Letcher said calmly as she packed a sack lunch into a small cooler. " Oh, I can't wait to find out, I've been praying for a baby sister for 3 years, and I just know it's going to be a girl this time" Ivone said, as she walked with her siblings to Mrs. Letcher's van.

The drive passed so quickly Derrin hardly had time to read a chapter of his book. "We're here." Mrs. Letcher sa, as she pulled the car to a stop. She hardly had time to put the car in park on the steep hill before the doors flew open, and the three overjoyed kids rushed up to their family home. Dad was waiting to greet them at the door, and they gave him big hugs as they asked "How's Mom doing?" What's the baby's name?" and "It's a girl, right?" So simultaneously that Mr. Mithe could hardly tell which of his children had asked which question. "You'll all find out the answers in just a little bit." he said calmly, as he walked with the children down the hallway to see their mother. It was a beautiful sight as the family gathered around their Mother and new baby sister. Never before had such joy and excitement been seen in one room. As the precious newborn was passed back and forth between her siblings, she couldn't help but smile, and from her expression, it was clear to see that she was going to be loved and cared for more than any baby had ever been.

I don't remember much about that snowy day in February, but that's how I imagine my life began. My earliest memories only go back to when I was about 3, but from what I've been told, my life began with a snowstorm, and that's how I imagine it to be. I was born in early 1993. My parents had lived in Oregon for about 10 years previous to my birth, and there were already three happy siblings waiting to greet me when I arrived on God's beautiful earth. Derrin my oldest brother was already a teenager by the time I was born. He was energetic, motivated, and ready to explore life. My only sister Ivone was already 8 when I was born, and was overjoyed to have me for a sister. I always knew I was the answer to her prayers. My youngest brother Jean who was six at the time, was every bit as happy to have me join the family. My parents Mr. and Mrs. Mithe were in their early 40's and full of life. They were devoted to their children, and ready to see them succeed in every area of life, but especially in their relationship with God. So, on the fifth day of February, I was born into this happy family.   

That's really all the facts I know about my birth, but my imagination continues. "What a beautiful bundle of joy!" my Mother said, as she saw me for the first time. At 8.5 lbs, and 22in long I was complete with dark brown hair, attentive eyes, and a beautiful smile. "Oh She's just lovely, what will you name her?" the midwife asked, as she wrapped me up in a receiving blanket. "We've chosen Elavon Rose Mithe" my Dad said as he touched my forehead. "Elavon comes from the Greek word for enthusiasm, and we chose Rose for her middle name in honor of my Mother." Dad continued. " What a lovely name, I know she'll live up to it." the midwife said as she placed me in my mother's arms. As my Mother held me, she smiled down into my eyes, and said, " Welcome to our world, Elavon, You're just beautiful!" 

Little did I know much I would come to cherish the moments like these, and wish they were all videotaped for me to see again, I always wondered what it would have been like to be there at my birth, and see my parents smiling faces, and hear my siblings voices for the first time. But at least I can recall my earliest memory that took place just three years after I was born. In the summer of 1995,  in a hospital waiting room, the first memories that are filed away in my mind were formed. There on a leather chair, I sat with my siblings looking out the window at fireworks flying high above the city. I watched in amazement at all the colors, and flashes, as I listened to my siblings counting how many they saw. "15, 16, 17, 18"  Derrin said, "Let me count some too" Ivone interrupted, as she pushed her face closer to the window. "When will Mom be ready to let us see the baby?" Jean asked, his voice sounding sleepy. "In just a little while." Mrs. Letcher said, as she placed her hand on Jean's head. We were staying at Mrs. Letcher's house for the week, while Mom and Dad were at the hospital while our baby brother was born. "You may come in now." A kind nurse said, as she opened the door to the recovery room. 

As we stepped inside the room, I saw my Mother lying on a small bed, holding my baby brother. Dad was standing nearby, and smiled as we walked into the room. "What's his name going to be?" I asked with anticipation? Kevin Lewis Mithe my Dad said, as he took the baby gently from my mother to show him to me. As I looked into my baby brother's eyes for the first time, and touched his dark brown hair, I couldn't help but realize that life was going to be different now. "Is this what it was like when I was born?" I asked my sister Ivone. "No," she said, you were born at home, cause God made you come out right" "Oh" I said, as I looked up at her. " And your life began during a snowstorm" She said as she took my hand in hers, and we walked closer to the hospital bed to give my Mother a hug goodnight.

And thus concludes the first chapter of my unfinished book Golden Acres. What did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I loved hearing the story of your birth! Thanks for sharing!