The Question You've Always Wanted to Ask || Giveaway Winner

What are some questions you've always wanted to ask a godly Christian woman? What would the interview you've always wanted to read look like?

Well, we're about to find out.......But first off, a huge congratulations to  Bonnie S. for winning the Well Planned Day Calendar Giveaway, and thanks to all who entered. I'll be mailing the Calendar to you shortly. 

And now for the interview.........So if you could have time to ask any woman you look up to any one question in the world what would it be? I'm about to do an interview with 12 different women on this blog. And from the survey I took last month it looks like you'd be interested in reading interviews of godly women. 

But before I can do the interview, and share all those wonderful insights from godly women in my life, I need your help. I need each of you to share one question you've always wanted to ask a godly woman. 

What one question if you knew the answer to would really make an impact in your life? What would you ask a godly woman if you could..........Would it be something about life,,..... the past, .......the future, ......God, ..... The Bible,.......or just a random fact about themselves? 

You decide. Be sure to share your question in the comments below. Oh, and as a bonus for sharing your question, one of you, my dear readers, will be selected to be interviewed as well:) won't that be fun:) 

I'm eager to read the question you've always wanted to ask:) 

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