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I was recently tagged by my sweet friend Eden of Eden's Evaluations to do an Imagine If blog post!

For this post let's imagine that I'm stranded on an island, and I have to decide what's really important  in life! Enjoy reading my answers, and also check out my answer the discussion question of the day…"What is the biggest key to spiritual and physical success?" from my last post!

And now for the tag! Many years ago, in my dreams I was stranded on a deserted island. There were no sources of food readily available, and the only things I can find to eat and drink are the fish in the water one food I enjoy that happened to land with me, and one beverage besides fresh water from a small creek. I only have the clothes I'm wearing, and the one book I had in my hand when I was thrown from the aircraft. You see I was the only survivor of a recent plane crash. I must use my imagination to resolve my struggles of being alone, and I must figure out how to survive without any help……. Here's what I've decided to do!

You can have one food item (besides all the fish you catch!) so what do you choose?
Bread….. It sustains life, and goes with fish:)

You can only have one beverage besides fresh water- what do you pick?
Mango Juice….if it happened to be available.

What ONE outfit would you bring to wear (top, bottom, shoes)? 
A long sleeve cotton shirt ….To protect me from the sun
Denim skirt…practical, and not easily stained
Tennis shoes…because I could always go barefoot if my feet got hot.

1 Author- You get all the books they've ever written.
The Bible  ..... There is no book more sustaining to life.

1 freebie item (other than your phone)
Matches….to start a fire and cook the fish.

While struggling to stay alive, what could you do for 1 whole year?
Build a house out of vegetation, rocks, and trees if possible. Make weapons, and a knife out of rocks. Catch a bird to keep me company. Make a fishing pole. Make a boat. Make a chair out of branches, and a hammock from vines. And of course try to get the attention of any passing airplanes, and boats. Read the Bible  several times. Write a book on tree bark. Enjoy life! Really the possibilities are endless.

Best thing about solo island living for me is: 
The life experience and time to spend alone with God. I imagine one could learn a lot about seeking God, and listening to him in a year of solitary time.

Worst thing about your so called paradise is:
Not being able to communicate with another person, and make a difference in their life.

Yay! You're finally rescued! Who is the first person you'd want to see?
  My family and friends.

First thing you'd do-
Write a book about my experiences, and lessons I'd learned.

First thing you'd want to eat-

What would you have hoped to learn while from your time alone?
The value of life. The importance of cherishing the relationships, we have and the time to invest in them each day. Who God is, and how faithful He is to keep His promises. The purpose of life, and be able to see that material things I value aren't always important! What a lesson that would be! What an experience!  

And now, it's your turn…… If you're reading this, it's your turn to share…… How would you survive on a deserted island?…… Write your answer to the above questions on your blog, or in a comment below. Oh, and be sure to tag my blog in the post, and comment here so I can see your post!

May God bless you with a wonderful day!

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  1. Great answers Elanee. :) :)

  2. Love your answers! I did this same post on my blog not long ago. :)