Month Long Trip Part 1- Visiting Relatives!

I know I have promised to post pictures of our recent trip to the East Coast, and as I was thinking about getting started with a post I decided to spread out the month long trip into sections. Hopefully this will make it more enjoyable to read, and easier for me to post.

So, for the first in the vacation series, here's some pictures, and descriptions of the beginning of our trip back east. We spent the first half of our month long trip visiting relatives.

Catching up on Bible study during the flight!

We started out the trip by flying to Atlanta Georgia! 

Once we arrived at the airport, Evan and I had some fun with the works of art.

This was Evan's idea, and I think it looked great:)

while we waited for Dad to get the rental car.

When your suitcase doesn't move. 
I'm not quite tall enough to reach the handle:)

From the airport we traveled to get the rental car.

The rental car company was at a hotel, so we had fun exploring it while we waited for Dad.

I managed to enjoy some of this Monkey's fruit:)

The staircase in the hotel was really amazing.

From Atlanta, we drove to North Carolina to visit with our Grandmother. 

We had fun eating with her at a nice restaurant.
Mom and I:)
You would never guess Grandma's over 90!
 Back at Grandma's apartment we had a nice time talking, and catching up on a lot of family history from many years ago.

I was overly tired from the time change, and lack of sleep before the trip, but Mom and Dad and Evan enjoyed talking into the wee hours of the morning with Grandma.

The next day, Evan and I put on a small concert for the elderly people at the retirement home where Grandma lives. It was really fun, and all the people enjoyed our music, and even sang hymns with us afterwards. It was such a blessing, and one of my favorite experiences of the trip.

The next day I made breakfast for us all, and we took this family picture before we headed out on the drive to N.Y.

 We took two days to drive from Georgia to N.Y. and on the way we enjoyed seeing many beautiful examples of God's creation, and enjoyed the time together to talk, and laugh, and have fun.

Some trees along the way. The fall colors weren't as vibrant as I would have liked, but it was still beautiful. 

Evan with his Oregon Duck halo:)

This is what happens when you've been in the car too long.

A beautiful view of the smokey mountains. 

 Our first stop at our favorite back east restaurant. Chick-Fil-A. I think we must have stopped there about 5 times on our trip.

 In case you were wondering, I always get the soup or the salad. I don't really appreciate the fried foods, but we like supporting the beliefs of the restaurant.

After two days of driving, we arrived in NY to visit our relatives on my Mom's side.

We enjoyed going to our Aunt's church with our Uncle, and my Mom's cousin.We heard a very good message from 1 Peter 5:8-10 about being aware of the devil, and his devices. I've never heard a message on the devil before, but it was very convicting, and eye opening to think of all the opportunities Satan has to get at us in our weaknesses.

 One of the things I like about my Aunt's church is that the people sing very heartily unto the Lord. They use their full voice, and not just halfheartedly sing. It's very amazing to experience even though the congregation is relatively small. It just goes to show that when we all work together we can achieve great things no matter how many of us there are.

 After church, we came back to our Aunt's house for an amazing dinner, and fellowship time. Mom and her cousin Nancy talking.

 Dad and Uncle David talking.

The delicious meal we enjoyed together. It was like a pre-Thanksgiving feast!

We talked for several hours afterwards, and enjoyed playing games together as well. It was such a blessing to feel the presence of Christ in the midst of our time.

 We were staying at a Bed and Breakfast while we were in NY, and so one of the mornings Mom and I took a walk around the area. It was crisp, and beautiful, and the smell and colors of fall were just stunning.

My favorite picture of the trees!

It's hard to see, but this barn was so cute, and it had a stone fence all around it with pumpkins along the top for decorations. It looked just like something from Martha Stewart:)

More beautiful trees.

 One of the days in NY, we visited the Jell-o Museum. Leroy, N.Y. (the town my Mom grew up in) is the home of Jell-o, so they have a nice museum to commemorate the past history of the dessert.

I couldn't believe a beautiful morning-glory was still out in October.

The path up to the museum was covered with bricks of people's names from the town.

We found this one, who my Mom and Aunt recognized as a distant relative.

On the way to the museum.

The home of Jell-o sign.

Evan decided ( with the encouragement of our Aunt) to try riding the Leroy cow!

We thought it was funny how it was all painted to look like Jell-o.

Mom and Aunt Claudette heading into the museum.

Looking at all sorts of fun things about Jell-o. We realized after the museum that we had never actually eaten real Jell-o before, (we always make ours with fruit juice, and Knox gelatin) so we decided to try it……and……well, I like ours better:)

The basement of the museum was actually a history of transportation in the town. 

Evan and I enjoyed dressing up with some of the hats they had for props.

I found these big bear skin gloves. They were amazingly warm.

Trying to look victorian:)

Trying to look Amish, but our faces betrayed us.

And lastly, before we left the museum, we had to try our faces in the famous Jell-o doll cut out. 

Evan tried it too of course:)

The next day, we attempted to look inside the house where my Mom and Aunt grew up. 

It's kind of been a famous house in our family, because much of my Mom's childhood happened there, and she always tells us stories of what it was like. We've always wanted to go into it when we've been back east, but it's never happened. 

This time, we contacted the owner ahead of time, but they were out of town, and didn't get our message until they got back, and so when we were in Florida, (a week later) they contacted us and asked if we were still in NY. It was sad to be this close but not able to go in, but maybe next time.

It is a beautiful house, and I especially liked the little playhouse that matches it:)

The countryside surrounding the old farmhouse was beautiful.

Another gorgeous old house.

There are SO many churches in upstate NY. On one street we counted 7 different denominations. 

We ate dinner at a neat carriage house restaurant and Evan found some funny dolls to sit with.  

The next day, we went to the Kodak house where George Eastman lived. It was a very big house, but very sad to learn the story of the man and how he lived for himself and never married, and eventually died in misery. 

We decided not to go into the house, but just walked around the gardens instead.

It was beautiful, and I was surprised how many plants were still in bloom.

This covered trellis was beautiful from a distance but up close, it was sadly falling apart.

I really liked these flowers.

We talked with a nice lady from England that had a thick British accent, and she told us all about the different types of flowers in the garden. 

I really liked the layout of this part of the garden.

It almost looked like something from England at a distance.

So beautiful.

After we walked around the gardens, we went into the gift shop, and Evan found these glasses, so he could have official "cat eyes." j/k 

Apparently you could see out of them just fine, it was just the outsides that were made to look like cats. 

From there we went to downtown Rochester which was very sad because the city is mostly dilapidated and vacant because most of it's industry has died off. My Dad said it was because they couldn't keep up with the changing technology and most of the city was built on the film camera business.

But we went out on an old bridge to see this beautiful falls. I guess it used to be much bigger than this, but they dammed it up for the buildings and streets to go by. Anyhow, it was a very amazing falls, and we all enjoyed seeing it even though it was raining.

On the way back to my Aunt's house we saw these beautiful Alaskan Dasies. We thought they were fake at first, but they are actually a variety that grows very prolifically even in winter. 

When we returned back to my Aunt's house, we enjoyed playing many of her old games. Some of them were quite unique, and very fun. 

Mr. Mouth was a big hit for all of us:) It's much like tiddlywinks, but with a rotating bowl.

While in NY, we stopped by a fall harvest festival farm which was really fun!

They had beautiful harvest pumpkin displays, 

And these amazing swan gourds.

And painted pumpkins.

This one was my favorite.

And we all enjoyed the rubber-ducky water pump race game.

And before we left, we had to try out the scarecrow cutout.

This is a real family picture.

And just when we thought it couldn't get any funnier, Aunt Claudette saw this clown scarecrow, for Evan to dress up with. 

Quite the picture:)

Trying to walk with big shoes:)

At least one of these colors matches his shirt:)

And then Mom had to join in. …Classic:)

Can you find the bird?

I wished we could have taken some of the pumpkins home.

Ok this was hilarious. I don't know if you can see it, but there's an orange pumpkin canon that was powered by this tractor, and they would shoot pumpkins at those old mobile homes in the distance. We didn't actually get to see it work, but it looked hilarious. 

Later that evening we went to a Bible study at a very nice farm church. The story of the church was amazing, and the Bible study was very encouraging from Ephesians 6. It was an excellent thorough examination and application of the passage. 

After the Bible study, the Pastor played some hymns for us to sing along. It was really a special time, and one of the highlights of our trip.

On the last day of our time in NY, we stopped by our favorite Ice Cream store. Evan's cone was a little top heavy:)

And then we went to a very nice restaurant with our Aunt and Uncle. Mom and Dad both took pictures when the food arrived, because it was such large portions.

Evan and Uncle David were a little surprised by their portion size to say the least.

We had leftovers for 3 meals afterwards.

And then the next morning we started the drive to Florida. Overall, we had a wonderful time with our relatives, and enjoyed the fellowship, and blessing of sharing in Christ together. 

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  1. Oh wow, that is quite the ice cream cone Evan has! Really enjoyed all the photos! It looks like it was an awesome vacation. The photos of you and your brother with the artwork are very clever, and it was awesome the you could have a little concert for the residents at your grandma's apartment/retirement community. The museum and houses look like neat places to visit; too bad you weren't able to see the interior of your mother's old home.

    1. It was a great vacation! Yes! The concert was one of my favorite expereinces of the trip:) It was such a blessing to encouage the older people.

  2. Haha!!! We laughed so hard at your funny pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them.
    One thing, though.. Maybe you shouldn't try to carry that giant suitcase all by yourself... It kinda has a mind of its own! ;)
    Looks like y'all had a great time! Can't wait to hear more!

    1. I'm so glad you enoyed the funny pictures:) They were fun to take, but the perspective was hard to capture:)

      I know that suitcase was just a bit big for a carry-on;)

  3. Enjoyed seeing this recap, Elanee, and excited for the BB nationals part, too. :) Blessings!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures:) I'm looking forward to posting pictures of Nationals:) wasn't it just great this year?

    2. Yes, definitely! I posted a re-cap yesterday, if you'd like to see :) Blessings!

    3. Oh thanks for the recap link:) I'll check it out:) So I guess I'm not too late with my post:) Last year I didn't post it until 2 months afterwards, so, I'm kind of trying to beat that record this time:)