Day 27~ Progress Report!

Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 4:11–16

As we near the end of this gratitude challenge, take a little quiz today to see where you’re growing and where you still need work.

Try answering these questions candidly—not just yes or no, but with supporting details that come to mind:
  1. (1)  Do I often complain about my circumstances, feeling like I deserve better?
  2. (2)  Do others hear me voice more complaints and negative comments than words of gratitude
    about the typical events of daily life?
  3. (3)  Would others describe me as a thankful person?
  4. (4)  What evidence is there that I have a grateful or an ungrateful spirit?
  5. (5)  How often do I begin statements with these words: “I am so thankful that . . .”?
  6. (6)  Do I more frequently display a pessimistic, negative outlook or a positive, grateful
  7. (7)  Am I reserved or eager when it comes to expressing appreciation to others?
  8. (8)  My most recent expression of gratitude was ...
If you haven’t done so already, consider taking this gratitude challenge into an accountability setting, letting others help you stay true to your commitment, while being there to offer your support to them as well.

Pray for a Grateful Heart
Lord Jesus, how I long to keep growing in gratitude and in Your likeness. Show me where I need to walk in greater obedience and how I can take steps of faithful obedience. Please continue on with me, cultivating a heart of gratitude that reflects Your goodness in my life. Thank You! 

Life Application:

How are you doing in your gratefulness challenge? I know I got off for about 2 weeks and I'm just now getting back on schedule with the daily blog posts. I've told myself I'm not going to attempt to write daily blog posts anymore unless I get them all scheduled and written before I post them. But how about you? Have you learned anything from this gratefulness challenge? Have the daily (while, not exactly daily;) posts encouraged you at all? If so, Please leave me a comment and tell me how you've been impacted from this series. I'd like to do more encouraging posts on this blog, but only if you're being encouraged as a result. So please leave me a note and tell me what you think about this series! Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my posts. This blog wouldn't be here without your support and encouragement. 

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