Day 16~ Sing and Give Thanks!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 30

The word “sing” occurs over one hundred times in the Bible—more than sixty of them in the book of Psalms alone. Verses 4 and 12 in today’s passage both tie singing and giving thanks together. There are a number of illustrations in Scripture of the powerful effect of praise through music.

When I talk with women who are struggling with chronic discouragement or depression, I often ask two questions: (1) Are you memorizing Scripture? and (2) Are you singing to the Lord? These aren’t magic “pills” that will make every emotional struggle go away, but I’ve found them to be extremely effective at recalibrating my heart and restoring inner peace. At times, when I am deeply distraught or discouraged, I’ll open my hymnal and just begin to sing. As I sing to the Lord, my heart and mind are re-tethered to His goodness and love, and invariably, the cloud begins to lift.

Whether it’s a cloudy or sunny day in your heart, sing! Right now, if possible. Put on a CD or your iPod and sing along with others, or just sing to Him on your own.

Pray for a Grateful Heart
Lord Jesus, today I choose to praise you in song, both in my heart and with my voice. You have promised to inhabit the praises of Your people, and I ask You to come near as I sing out to You. Draw near to me and grow gratitude in my heart today. Thank You! 

Life Application:

What better way to express gratefulness than to sing and give thanks? And it's exactly what we don't feel like doing in the midst of selfishness. Have you ever been upset, and then tried to act happy when a friend came over, or someone called on the phone? It doesn't work that well does it? Because the happiness isn't sincere. And in the same way,when we try to act grateful for things we aren't really grateful for, it doesn't work. Gratitude must come from the heart or it won't be sincere, and people will notice. It takes genuine gratefulness to break out in song in the midst of a trial!

For the past several years since a friend's wedding in 2006, I've appreciated the words to the song, "Testimony" that the bride and groom sang after their vows. It has stood out to me over the years as a goal to make my life be a testimony to God's grace. I think it is the essence of gratefulness in song. How many times I've thought of it when I am going through a trial, and I realize how each situation I am in is given for me to reflect Christ just a little bit more! 

Testimony:  by Adam and Lauren Bell

May my life be a testimony,
To who I am in you, to who you are in me.
Lord Jesus may the ones I touch, be touched by thee,
Oh may my life be, a testimony.

May my life be a tribute to your name,
May I seek first your smile not men's applause and fame.
Lord Jesus, if it means for you I suffer pain,
May I not fail to be a tribute to your name.

May our lives be a symphony of praise,
A song of hope and joy, that fills our nights and days.
Oh grant that we may never cease to always raise,
O Lord, to you a joyful symphony of praise.

May our lives be a mirror of your grace,
Reflecting love that goes beyond all time and space.
Lord Jesus may men see not us, but your dear face,
Oh may our lives be a mirror of your grace.

May our lives be a testimony,
To who we are in you, to who you are in us.
Lord Jesus may the ones we touch be touched by thee,
Oh may our lives be a mirror, Lord of thee.

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