Day 15~ Sacrifice of Thanksgiving!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 50:14–15, 23

Plenty of occasions exist in life where being thankful is the last thing you feel like doing, where nothing seems good or gratitude-worthy.

Today, I’d like you to make a list of all the difficult things in your life. Spell them out, as detailed as you want. Then use this list as a prompt for giving thanks. That may seem strange—or  impossible! We’re not expected to thank God “for” things that are sinful. But we can give thanks “in everything,” knowing that God is still God and He uses all things in this fallen world to accomplish His purposes.

Begin to track the ways that God is using these circumstances in your life. Perhaps they’re causing you to become more dependent on Him, or to call upon Him in prayer, or to exercise faith in His promises. When we call upon our Lord “in the day of trouble” (Psalm 50:15), with minds set on glorifying Him, He does marvelous things in the midst of our pain and sorrow. Thank Him by faith that He can use each of these situations as a means to display His glory.

Pray for a Grateful Heart
Lord Jesus, You are worthy of praise even in my day of trouble. I give back to you all that weighs upon me today, and I commit to trusting You with it all. Because You have promised to deliver me, I praise You and glorify Your name. Thank You! 

Life Application:

I've recently realized how gratefulness is a sacrifice. We have to take our eyes off ourselves in order to recognize the impact others have made in our lives. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn. I don't want to give up my own desires, and recognize that others have helped me. I have to force myself to be grateful for the people who have impacted my life. Especially when I don't feel like putting others above myself. On one occasion recently, I cleaned up my brothers room while he was working outside. I expected that he would probably thank me like he usually does when he noticed what I had done for him. But instead, He came in tired, and went to bed soon after. At first I thought about it for a while, and wonderwed why he hadn't said anything about what I had done. I contemplated pointing out ot him that I had cleaned his room, but then I realized that that would be selfish. Instead, I went to bed thankful for being able to sacrifice for others.  And I noticed that when I took the time to bless my brother, I was actually the one that got blessed. When we give to others with no hoep of a reward, that sacrifice becomes a sacrifice of thanksgiving that becomes a blessing to me. So next time you think about giving up yourself for someone else, do it! You won't regret that sacrifice of thanksgiving!


  1. I like how it says to be grateful for the difficult things in life, too. God has a purpose for each thing He places in our lives, and I am only grateful for the things I view as "good" if I am grateful at all! Thanks for posting these! They are very thought-provoking.

    1. That's right Hannah:) I'm glad you were encouraged by my post:) may God help us both to apply it more:)