Day 4~ Another.....and Another!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 103:1–5

As we recognize and identify the specific blessings we have received from God and from others, we discover countless reasons for expressing gratitude. The psalmist took time to bless the Lord for specific benefits—he didn’t want to forget even one of them! As you open your heart to Him in prayer today, ask God to reveal to you just how great your “benefits package” really is.

Make two lists under these headings: “Gifts from God” and “Gifts from Others.” Then put down everything that comes to mind. Don’t try forcing this into a one-time, ten-minute exercise—stop and start as it seems natural. Keep adding to these lists as additional gifts come to mind over the next thirty days (and beyond).

After you’ve written out a list of your blessings, take some time to walk through your list line by line, thanking God for each of these “benefits.” Then, read Psalm 103 aloud. Try memorizing and meditating on at least the first five verses over the next week or so.

Pray for a Grateful Heart
Heavenly Father, I thank You for the many gifts you have bestowed upon me. You have been a generous and loving Father, giving me more than I deserve or even know. For all that You’ve given, I now turn back to praise You and bless Your holy name. Thank You! 

Life Application:

Recently, I had an unexpected experience, where I was able to see the hand of God's mercy in my life. I was able to look back on the experience with gratefulness for all the things God protected me from. There were so many possible outcomes to the situation that I hadn't even contemplated, and even though the results of the mistakes were very challenging for me to comprehend, I knew there were still reasons to be grateful. Every day is a gift, every moment is precious. we don't know how our mistakes or someone else's in the near future will change our lives forever. We must not look at our present life as permanent and free of the consequences of our mistakes. In a matter of seconds your life's "good works" could be thrown out the window all because of a simple carless mistake for which you may not have even anticipated consequences. " Let not thy good be evil spoken of" Romans 14:16 We must diligently guard ourselves from all appearances of evil, and we must think through the consequences to each action we take. Not only for ourselves, but for all the people around us. But we must not fail to realize the Lord's gracious mercy on all of our lives. Oh for more gratfulness for His mercy today!

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