Day 13~ Gratitude from Ground Zero!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 43:1–5

The Psalms are a good place to camp out if your heart’s desire is to be grateful—though not because they’re filled with nothing but happy, upbeat sentiments. They vibrate with every emotion known to man. They speak of back-breaking pressures, deep valleys of depression, and times when life barely seems worth living. And yet the Psalms reveal that the only ultimate answer to trouble, grief, pain, and loss is a constant returning to God in worship and gratitude.

Even in the darkest night, you can still experience His peace and rest, knowing that the joy of morning is ahead. Resolve not to let your joy level be determined by the presence or absence of storms, but by the presence of God. Choose to be joyful in Him today.
Choose a few psalms to read throughout the day (aloud if possible). See if they don’t cause praise and thanks to well up in your heart.

Pray for a Grateful Heart
Heavenly Father, I thank you for Your ever-present help and fellowship, especially in the dark times. When darkness falls, would You help me, Lord Jesus, to be joyful in You and Your love? Capture my gaze and fill my heart with the joy of Your presence. Thank You! 

Life Application:

Yesterday, we spent a good deal of time talking about the events of September 11th. We remembered what we were doing that day, who called us and let us know about the horrible events of the day, and how we got out our 12 inch T.V. to tune in to the news. We were shocked as we recalled how young we were, (I was 7, and Evan was 5) and yet we could remember the events of the day in vivid detail, and as if it had just happened. I remembered how sad I felt when I saw the Twin Towers fall, and I cried as I thought about all the people who's lives were helplessly ended without a second thought or time to say goodbye. As we remembered the events of the day we realized how long it had been since the event, and how many people still vividly remember it so clearly. And as we looked back on that day, I was reminded of how that day changed our Nation's history forever. How so many people even in the turmoil of the day realized how God protects us every day from such disasters, and how much we have to be grateful for. Sometimes our days feel like were at ground zero trying to clean up from the disaster, all we can see is utter destruction all around, and yet there is still SO much to be grateful for!

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