Day 11~ The Greatest Gift of All!

Scripture Reading: Romans 5:1–11

If you’re a Christian, the best thing that’s ever happened to you is being saved from sure destruction for your sins and ushered into the family of God, beginning now and continuing for all eternity. Sadly, time tends to dull our appreciation of the magnificent, sacrificial work of Christ on our behalf. Life gets so busy and complicated; we can go for weeks—or longer— without being swept away by the magnitude of our salvation.

One of my friends paraphrases Romans 5:8 this way: “God demonstrated His love toward us in this: while we were in open, hostile rebellion toward Him, having no interest in Him—not only that but actively despising Him and all that He stands for—Christ died for us.” How can we not be inexpressibly thankful? But, praise God, gratitude can reopen the wonder to us, throwing back the dingy curtains of complacency until the full light of His grace and glory come streaming through.

The salvation we have in Christ is a “many-splendored thing,” a diamond with countless brilliant facets. What spiritual blessings in today’s Scripture reading need to be added to your list of “Gifts from God”?

Pray for a Grateful Heart
Father God, thank You once again for loving me when I was Your enemy. Awaken my heart to the heights and depths of Your mercy toward me, a sinner. Teach me to cultivate a grateful heart for all that You’ve done and all that You are. Thank You! 

Life Application:

This past weekend, my family and I attended the Shield of Faith Missions conference. The topic of the conference was the purpose of the church, and the realization of what Christ has done for us to save us from sin's curse. Each of the speakers focused on the need to put our relationship with Christ first, and not allow ourselves to take a second-hand view of God based upon other people's opinions, but to dig into the Bible for ourselves, and discover what it really says for us today. I was so blessed by the renewal of my mind through the Word of God, and was impressed with a fresh gratefulness for Him saving a wretch like me. Here's some of my favorite quotes from the conference. 

"Beware of when all men speak well of you, for so they did to the false prophets. If the world accepts you, it's a sign that you're not following God. Sometimes we think that Salvation is about us. Many of the great problems in the church stem from a self centered view of Salvation. And when we get into a self- centered view, salvation doesn't really mean much. Phil3:8-11 Paul was striving to know Christ more. Romans 8:11"

"We came into Christ not just to be Christians, but to be disciples of the crucified one. If we suffer we shall also reign with Him. The glory is beyond the suffering. We need the Right  perspective on who we are, what our relationship is to this world, and what our hope is in Christ Jesus. We need to stop looking to this earth to satisfy. We have nothing here."

"We need to impress upon each other where our real life is. That we might know Christ and the power of His resurrection. 2 Tim 3: 13- 15 much error springs from originally accurate doctrine. Truth can easily grow into a distortion, and doctrines soon replace the -Author of the doctrines. We must be students of doctrine in the light of He who authored them. We must drink truth for ourselves, and not take our doctrine second hand. We must drink of the fountain of Christ, and not expect other people to drink it for us. There is no room for a broad mind on a narrow road."

"1 Peter 1: 23-25 where you have doubts or are swayed by false truths, go to the word of God. Don't listen to everybody who seems to speak truth. Go to the word of God. Lock in on Jesus. And don't be swayed from Him. We really really need to know Him. We are coming into the most confusing deceptive time in history. And unless we know Jesus we will not know what's true and what's not!"

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