My Brother, My Teacher!

Recently I've been noticing how my actions can affect my brother. If I decide to waste my day, he is prone to waste his day, if I use my time wisely, he seems to find alot to do too. It's the power of influence, and example, and it's so much greater than I had realized. I've even noticed it in myself. When he uses his time wisely, and is being diligent, I find myself wanting to do the same.  When he is mature about situations and shows responsibility, I want to too.  If only we were all to do the right thing all the time!

In light of this,  I was reading through some notes I've taken from conferences we've attended, and I found these notes from a session Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin taught on helping raise tomorrows leaders. It was very inspiring to re-read, and ponder the possible affects of being a faithful sibling in every area of life. I hope you are inspired by their thoughts. 

Notes from a Session on Siblings by 
Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin
Helping to raise tomorrows leaders.

We truly are only as good as we are when we're at our worst.
How prepared are you to give yourself to others in every relationship?
Relationship skills have to be developed through practice. 

If we haven't practiced love in our everyday relationships we won't be prepared when we're married. How could you serve The Lord with a new repealationship  if your aren't already serving Him with the ones you already have?

The biggest hardest job you can do is to be the best sister to your brothers, and no one else can do that. People are wrong when they sin, but people are also wrong when they cause others to sin. We all have responsibility in our relationships. Our actions affect our brothers. We tend to fail with the ones we know the best. 

1. Demonstrate respect to your brothers. The sense of responsibility that comes when they realize that they are being noticed, and cared for, makes our brothers stand up and be the men we are treating them as. 

2. Let them assert themselves lead and teach you things. We were created to help and support and follow, and they were created to support and lead and teach. 

3. Talk with them. Encourage your brothers to put their deepest thoughts into words. It's good for them to practice thinking through, and describing their thoughts and developing ideas. What kinds of conversations would you hope to have with another man? Then start now with the real men in your home.

4. Become part of their world. Boys are what they do. You must care about your brothers, and make what they want to do important. Help your brothers because you love them and want to make them feel important. 

5. Repent of past wrongs. We must change from being bitter against God to being grateful for what He has given to us. A realization of our sin, can bring us to a realization of our lack of relationship with God. We are not slaves to what we have always been or what we have always done, when we are being renewed day by day in Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:16 Don't underestimate the power of God's sanctifying grace. It is never too late to obey. God can repay the damage that we have done. You are not responsible for what the other person does, your duty is to minister to your brothers soul, and do what you are responsible for. If you are finding it hard to love your own brother, than you may need to reevaluate your relationship with God. 

Seize the day. Time goes by too quickly. If God put your brothers into your life, He put them there for a reason. And if you are not making the most of your brothers, how can you believe that you are going to do anything different in the future if you ever get married. Don't give yourselves reason to look back on this season of life with regrets. It's never too late to do what's right. We need to recognize the incredible responsibility that we have been given for this time in our life. We must practice what we  believe and what we teach others. That is our biggest example! 

"Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity," 1 Timothy 4:12

Take this challenge this week, and raise your siblings up to a new standard of excellence by your example. 

Leave a comment below if this inspired you to action!!!!!


  1. That is convicting. Thank you for posting that! Having five brothers certainly makes one have to think! Sisters really do have a large influence over their brothers and it is up to us whether it will be a good influence or a bad one.

    1. I'm glad you were encouraged by this post. It's a blessing to hear how I'm not alone in this quest for being a good example.

  2. This definitely spoke to me... I am the oldest in my family and it's so true how much I am being watched, and how much my actions affect theirs. I will definitely be saving this post on my favorites and reading it again!! :) Could I maybe share it to my blog? I would definitely give you all the credit for writing it...
    (I'm also trying to get more readers)

    1. I'm glad you were encouraged by this post.
      Feel free to use it on your blog, and add to it or take from it as you like. (I noticed your blog doesn't have a followers button. That may be a good addition to attract readers.)

    2. Oh wow... Can't believe I forgot that!! Will definitely be fixing that!!! :) and thanks!!

    3. You're welcome. I know how easy it is to overlook small things like that:)

  3. The opening sentence of your notes is so powerful: we are truly only as good as we are at our worst. That quickly destroys any illusions I had about myself!
    Thanks for giving this challenge, Elanee!

    1. I'm glad I was able to encourage you in some small way. To God be all the glory.

  4. Such a good reminder, Elanee! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. You're welcome Hannah, and I'm glad to see you're following my blog:)

  5. Thanks for posting Elanee. I don't have brothers but it challenges me to be a better daughter to my father. It helped me to see where I need a LOT of improvement. Truth can be painful sometimes!