Worship of God Conference!

In the last week of October we went to the Worship of God conference in North Carolina. It was a wonderful time to reconnect as a family, spend time with other believers, participate in hymn sings and music jams, play lots and lots of volleyball:), and hear some very encouraging messages from inspiring speakers. Here's some pictures:)

A cute drawing in a resturant we went to! 

Ok I almost didn't post this picture... But isn't it funny how it looks like my hand is cut off:)

Siblings... Best friends.... And fellow volleyball players:)

Who could ask for better parents:)

O.k. So I thought it was really neat that they had fresh flowers in October. And these weren't store bought:)

Evan enjoying a hearty breakfast. 

My delicious breakfast burrito. It was my first time to try a breakfast burito, but it certainly won't be my last:) 

Who could go to the Worship of God conference without a 15 passenger van? .....well us... Of course:) 
Actually last year we did have one, so I guess that counts:)

If you ever go to the Ridgecrest Conference Center be sure to drive to the hilltop picnic area.... And bring lunch:) It's simply breathtaking.... Especially at fall time!!!

"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help....

My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2

Family portrait in an iPhone 5!!! 
( I love Mom's expression. It's like... Can that small phone really see all of us?) 

Around the conference center. 

Some of the buildings have been around for over 100 years. 

A shaped bush we thought was really neat.

Fall is so beautiful back east. 

One of the things I love about the Ridgecret Conference Center is that everyone stays on site. So, you walk alot between sessions, to and from your room and such. It's simply wonderful...unless it's raining:)

The main auditorium!!! First session we were late, so we had to sit in the balcony, where it's hard to see the speaker....

Oh. There he is:) 
The sessions were excellent, focusing on the preeminence of Christ in everyday activities. From clothing, to music, to food, to personal and family devotions, to church services... The topics were very    encouraging, and convicting. God especially used the main session by Kevin Swanson to prick my heart about music. 

 Handsome, awesome, uniquely Evan! 

At the on site coffee shop which you simply can't resist. Be sure to get a Java Chip Mocha if you're in the area.... They're simply the best!!!!! This year I managed to get only 2 instead of the 5 I had last year:)

Happy to get a coffee after a long conference day:) 

We were blessed to be able to have a encouraging talk with Pastor Craig Houston the last evening of the conference. It was so encouraging to hear wisdom and hope for the future, and admonishment to keep strong for God. I was so grateful for him taking the time to talk with us. I always knew he was one of my top favorite pastors, but now I know why!!!!

Volleyball was.... Simply awesome. I always say, you don't know what team volleyball is like until you've played at an NCFIC conference. It's fast, challenging, rewarding, and a great way to meet new friends. 

Speaking of friends.... I was SO blessed and excited to finally meet one of my blog followers Christiana H. and her family. It was great to actually meet someone in person after only being friends virtually:)

To sum up the Worship Of God conference, I would like to post some of my notes from my favorite session of the conference by Kevin Swanson. 

What is the proper relationship between music and worship? Music is a vital part of our worship of God. Zeph 3:17 our hearts and souls should be focused upon God and our music should encourage that. We should have music that's a fit vessel to praise God.  The purpose of our music is for the maturing of the people of God Eph 4:11-13 and to bring glory to God. Singing should reflect the glorious revelation of the kingdom of God.  Music should be songs and hymns and spiritual songs. Music should first declare the glory and perfection of our God. It should be filled with praise to God. Music must be filled with sound doctrine. Music is important, it should be an expression of our love or God. Music is not a matter of preference. Most contemporary music is not appropriate for worship,  because it is not generally sound in doctrine. The content of music must be edifying to God. 

Sometimes we think that since God allows us to create music, all music must be good. But we can make  music that is inappropriate because sometimes we make music an expression of our depraved  hearts. Everything about us can be perverse. Outside of Christ we are dead  in our sins. Those who constantly fill their minds with the music of the world, are violators of Philippians 4:8 God is real! We need to seek Him in the worship service, and give Him the glory all the time.  

Music solidifies and confirms. Sometimes it is overemphasized. Why would you bring the music of satan into God's church ? You cannot improve on culture unless you have children who will honour their father and mother. If music is not designed to fear God, and honour the authorities He has created, than it has missed it's mark. We must rejoice and be entertained as a family, with our children. The entire family should be able to listen to the same music together.  

What is fashioning you, and your musical tastes? Do you worship yourself or Christ? The essence of worship, is reverence and obedience. We can't look at those who have stumbled and point our fingers, for Unless we repent we will all likewise perish, but he who does the Will of the Father will abide forever.