Visiting Relatives!

In mid November on our trip to the National Bible Bee we took a week beforehand so that we could visit relatives we haven't seen for some time. It was great to catch up with them, and see how God has been working in their lives. I've got alot of pictures here, so I'll just see how many of them I can think of captions for:) ....enjoy!!!!! 

Evan & I loved the Nashville airport's escalator system. It was super fun to run up and down, while we were waiting 3 hours for our rental car after a long day of flying. 

In our travels to Nashville At the Kansas City airport. 

We got a little carried away with the tin soldier:) 

Quick, Look over there ...

This will definetly cause you to move.... Or maybe not! 

Whole Food's chocolate display.... Candy anyone? 

Evan wishing he was a Jost.... And pretty much scaring me away. ( for those of your who don't know the Jost's, look up Jostie Flicks on You Tube) 

We were extremely blessed to be able to share in a special time with our Grandma. Not only is she our last remaining grandparent, but she is also a great example of gratefulness, & not growing weary in well doing. 
It was extra special to be able to celebrate Dad's birthday with Grandma as well. 

I think this is one of my favorite photos ever of Mom & Dad. I just love their expressions:) 

Whole Foods has the best cheesecake....unless of course you make it yourself:) 

Now that's one amazing brother. BTW Evan took quite a few of these pictures with his new iPhone.
He is very pleased with the quality of the image, and I've come to accept the fact that my point & shoot camera is simply an inferior product. 

Evan & I enjoyed taking Grandma's dog Sidney for a walk to the nearby lake the next morning, 

The lake was beautiful, and it really made me wish we had a boat:)

Miss pretty:) Grandma's cat. 

Some local crafters made this corn husk doll for my Grandma. I was very impressed with the intricate designs on the hat and basket and how it was all made out of cornhusks. 

A family photo at 2:00 am. Don't we look tired:) 
This concluded our visit with Grandma. We were so grateful to be able to space time with her, and hear stories of times past. It really gave me a new perspective on the shortness of our time here, when I heard my grandma recalling things from 70 years ago as if it was just yesterday. Oh if only we would realize how short our time is, how it would affect our present lives. 

The view from Ian & Kayla's apartment.

From Grandma's house we drove to Ian & Kayla's house in Virginia, where we spent the next few days catching up on their lives, and enjoying every moment with our sweet niece Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth really took a liking to Evan, or maybe she just liked his iPad.
No I'm certain it was him... She would smile every time she saw him, and it was so cute to see Evan holding her....I can't recall the last time I've seen him take to a baby so much. 

Ian & Kayla's apartments were quite beautiful and I especially enjoyed the landscape, and water features which attracted many wildlife. 

A sweet Little girl with daddy's hat = intense cuteness.. 

Ian is still a most excellent cook, and when he's in the know you'll be eating good. 

Grandma loves her sweet baby girl. ( I think Elizabeth must have seen Evan out of the corner of her eye:) 

Just car sitting:) 

While we were in Virginia, We enjoyed going to some antique stores, and auctions with Ian & Kayla, & some of us (who's names will remain anonymous) really got into the sprit of auction buying, which created the unique challenge of getting the purchases home. (8 boxes shipped, & 5 extra carry-on items later, we managed to get everything home) 

Seeing Ian & Kayla with Elizabeth...taking care of her so well...and being such excellent parents was so  sweet, and it really made me realize how much our parents do & did for us when we were so helpless. 

I really enjoyed spending time with Ian & Kayla & Elizabeth, and especially liked when Kayla let me help out with diaper changing, laundry & nap time for Elizabeth. 

O.k. So I'm not really into antiques but this doll house was simply amazing! 

Fully furnished, and complete with electricity, no detail was overlooked in the creation of this masterpiece. 

Here's an up close of the inside of one of the rooms, complete with two cute puppies. 

After a couple hours at the auction, Mom, Kayla, Elizabeth, & I took a break, & went to a gigantic Goodwill. 
This Goodwill was larger than any I've ever been into before. Not only did they have a huge retail store, complete with departments, 6 isles of skirts, and more clothing than you could ever possibly need, they also had 2 sale colors, & a $2.00 color of the week as well. In other words, if you're ever in Virginia Beach plan on taking a day to stop at this one of a kind Goodwill. 

Twins:) Don't we look alike?.... O.k. Maybe the one on the right is a bit more mature:)

We all loved this beautiful drive along the ocean. It was amazing that many of the trees still had leaves. 

Kayla & Elizabeth having fun! 

We also enjoyed celebrating Ian's birthday together. It was so special to be able to spend time with Ian & Kayla & Elizabeth, and we look forward to the next time we can see them. 
God is so good to care about His children, and to give us parents who care about us so much!!! 

"The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it."
Proverbs 10:22


  1. lol...the escalator thing is totally something I would do too! :P

    And I love the red pants! Before I even read what you said about the Jost's, I thought, he's totally trying to look like Jeremiah! :P lol

    1. I Know right:) it's sort of obvious that my brother is trying to be like a Jost:) he recently bought he and I Red Converse shoes. I think that's as far as I'll let him go with the whole red thing:)

  2. Sounds like fun Elanee, and I loved looking at these pictures!
    I looooooooove riding on escalators!!! Especially trying to go up the down one. But I wouldn't recommend trying it. You'll get in trouble. Don't ask how I know. ;)

    Ha ha! The tin soldier pictures cracked me up. :) Oh, and about those pants.... sorry Evan, I don't think their quite your style. :)

    I'm glad y'all were able to visit with your family! Chris and Katie are coming in January and we are all so excited to see them! Especially since this will be Chris's first time to see Aaron. :)

    1. I'm sorry to say that I've had the experience of going up the down escalator. I almost fell backwards down the stairs:)

      I'm glad you agree with me about the red pants:)

      That's exciting that Chris & Katie are coming:) I hope you have a wonderful time with them.