I Will Still Love You!

I've had alot of time to think recently about how much I have to be grateful for, and how much I take for grated. We never know when our life will end, or if we will get into an accident, and our lives will be completely changed. There are so many uncertainties in life, and so many possibilities for the future. As I thought about these facts recently, I was compelled to write this poem to honor the One who is certain in my life, and to recommit myself to His control, at all costs.

In life nothing is certain as certain can be, 
Nothing except death, and eternity, 
No one knows what the future may hold, 
It doesn't matter whether you're young or old. 

You could live today and be gone tomorrow,
Life could bring you continual joy, or meaningless sorrow.
But there is One as certain as certain can be, 
Jesus Christ, He who holds me everlastingly. 

To you I commit myself today, 
O Father God, let me never stray, 
From following you with my heart and soul, 
And keeping your glory as my only goal.

So if you take my life, before I'm old, 
And I never experience all I've been told, 
About the Man who will come for me to marry,
And how we'll be blessed with children to carry, 

If I loose my arms, or legs or feet, 
Or I'm attached to a wheelchair as my only seat, 
If my eyes, or hearing, or speech escape me, 
And I'm left Deaf, or dumb, and unable to see.

If I loose my ability to think, and move, 
And dance, and sing, and my music skills never improve,
If you take away all my friends, 
And all my relationships suspend. 

If I never see the reconciliation, 
And never feel the sweet reformation, 
Of friendships gone amiss, 
That bring tears and crying, when I wish for bliss. 

If I never get to look into the eyes, 
Of those I love, and never will despise, 
And tell them how much they mean to me, 
And how I wish to love them, and that will always be. 

If all my hopes, and dreams, and goals, 
Those mentioned here and those untold,
Never come to pass, and I'm left wondering, 
And crying, and suffering and often blundering. 

If my worst fears come to pass, 
And I never experience happiness that lasts. 
If you take away everyone and thing I've loved,
And give me no future except heaven above. 

Throughout today, and every day going forward, 
In times of uncertainty, and in times of reward, 
Let these words from my lips never flee, 
Though you take all, "I will Still Love Thee!"

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