"I Found My Righteousness In Thee"

Here's a poem I wrote a couple years ago. I hope to turn to into a song someday:)
Let me know if it encourages you!
Heavenly Father, Divine inspiration,
Champion of my great expectation. 
I ask thee now to go on before us, 
And lead us on to thy pathway glorious. 

Lord by thine own example proving, 
I through thee feel the spirit's moving.
With earnest desire, I humbly request, 
O Lord, make me more into thy likeness.

Bearer of sin, but committer of none, 
Thou art the example of the race we must run. 
Reviled by men thou revilest not again.
Through thy suffering, righteousness doth remain. 

Committing thyself to the one righteous judge, 
Thou in thy heart couldest hold onto no grudge. 
Even on the tree, while bearing every sin, 
And suffering and dying, salvation to win. 

You lived by righteousness unto the end. 
Healed by your stripes, all my wrong thou didst end.
But death had no power, over you to give, 
For rising again you  forever will live. 

You the Shepherd, I the lamb gone astray, 
You found and returned me to thy fold to stay. 
You are the great Shepherd, and Bishop of my soul, 
You sought, cleansed, redeemed, and made me whole. 

Now Lord Jesus, help me follow thee, 
Even through times of difficulty. 
Show me the pathway, that thy cross I might take,
Through life and through death, for thy name's sake. 

Lead me and guide me today and always, 
Help me to live for thee all my days.
And when at last, I thy face shall see, 
I'll say only, "I found my righteousness in thee."


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  1. Hi Elanee! :)
    I just wanted to tell you about the giveaway that's taking place over at Esther's and my blog: Jewels of Jesus.
    Hope to see you there! :)