The Blessed Cross of Christ!

Here is a poem (I wish someone would make it into a song) that really stood out to me from a excellent book I've been reding, called You Can Change by Tim Chester. I have been very convicted and challenged by the truths in this book, and the need to focus on Christ afresh and anew every day. Christ is truly sufficient for everything, and Without Him I am nothing. It seems easy to look on Salvation as a one time event that happened in the past that secures our future with Christ, but we must be believing and trusting in Christ in each moment with renewed passion, and continually recognizing our need for His grace!

The Blessed Cross Of Christ!

Lord, we come to you a blessed and broken people, 
Holding nothing in our hands but sin and shame: 
Knowing keenly all the conflicts of a prideful heart
That loves its fame and hates your name. 

So we come to you without a single credit,
Clinging only to the precious cross of Christ, 
Where the Lion on the throne who is the Lamb of God
Gave up His life in sacrifice.

Yet we try to live our lives each day without you;
Try to find ourselves in things that fade away;
Find importance in the things we do and not in you;
Like fools at play, we run astray.

So we come to you to glory in your mercy;
Come to call each other back to Your great love; 
Come to leave behind our idols and our substitutes 
And fix our love on God alone.

There is mercy without measure in your death, Lord, 
There is no other place where sinful men may hide, 
And so run to find the grace that is made ours in you, 
We will live our lives where our great Savior died:
At the cross, the blessed cross of Christ.

"Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:
he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." Psalm 55:22

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