Christian Heritage Conference 2013!

Here are some photos of the Christan Hertage Conference in Washington, that we went to in April. This year we throughly enjoyed the conference as usual, and especially were encouraged by the speakers, and the times of fellowship with dear Believers.

The great trip begins:) this year we were privileged to travel with members from 4 other families up to the conference, and a highlight of our traveling time was getting to ride in the BIG sprinter van!

Working off some energy from the 4 hour road trip:)

O.k. I honestly don't know how this happened:) Micah.C, Hannah.C, and I had just stopped by the Bible Bee booth to visit with our friends who were running the booth, and before we knew it, this happened:) Oh well! We all have our moments:)

The view of the conference from the balcony! There were over 3,500 people in attendance.

Yvonne always has time for little ones, and she always knows how to keep their attention!

A highlight of the trip....the youth Chorale. This year we sang some wonderful hymn arrangements a classical piece, and a gospel style piece.( that's me up on top in the middle of the picture)

Here you can see Evan and Brad.P singing Bass, and Micah.C singing Tenor.

A hilarious singing exercise that made us Sopranos feel like fish!

Another big highlight of any conference for me is meeting new friends. It was such a blessing to finally meet Madi.A and her sister Grace. (Of course it's always great to spend time with Eden.S too:)

The annual "after conference" fellowship at our hotel was bigger than ever this year, and we all throughly enjoyed countless rounds of rotational volleyball, great food, spontaneous singing, and great times of fellowship.

On the way back home, we stopped half way to enjoy some great burgers with sweet friends at Five Guys.

The long table from above:)

It was extra special to spend time with the C. Sisters. Their encouragement and Christ-like examples are such a blessing.

Hannah.C and Elsie.D were super fun to travel with, and they made the trip extra special.

Yvonne and Victoria.D enjoyed spending time together, and even found a way to have us all get Ice Cream after our burgers:)

I enjoyed getting to spend some time with Mahala.C after not really seeing her much during the conference. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. It seemed like the trip went way too fast:)

Last but not least,the main highlight of this year's conference for my brother Evan and I was getting to play a piano duet of Praise Him, Praise Him, for the Family night performances. After practicing for several months, we found it extremely hard to memorize the piece, and we almost lost hope in playing it from memory, but by God's grace, and thanks to the prayers and encouragement of family and friends, we were able to play the piece from memory in front of 3,500 people. (Unfortunately the recordings we got of our actual performance didn't turn out too well, but here's a link to view the audition video we sent in to get accepted to play)

Evan and I before the performance, waiting back stage to play!

Here's some of my favorite quotes from the conference sessions:

"Holding onto sin and unforgiveness , is like you drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Vengeance is God's to repay. Trust God, He will give you the grace to forgive." Voddie Bauchaum

"We don't do what we do because we will see the rewards in the here and now, we did what we do, because we are trusting in a sovereign God who is in charge of everything. We can trust God, and He can use the worst circumstances to get glory for Himself." Voddie Bauchaum

"We can never overestimate the value of treating our siblings like they should be treated, and giving them support, and value." Voddie Bauchaum

Overall, the Christian Hertitage Conference was a wonderful event that we all once again enjoyed, and we are already looking forward to next's years conference.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! The conference I am sure was great and all the fellowship looked fun :) I love that picture of Yvonne with the little kids, she is so sweet and beautiful! And so are you :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Sadie! You all should come to the conference next year!

  2. It was so much fun meeting you and your family! :) Can't wait till me can talk some more next year!! :D