30 Life Lessons From Anne of Green Gables!

One of my favorite movies is Anne of Green Gables. It's always my preferred choice for my birthday every year, and so this year, while we were watching the series over my birthday week, I decided to look for life lessons from the movie that could benefit my life. I always try to see movies from a fresh perspective each time I watch them, and so I hope you enjoy my 30 life lessons from Anne of Green Gables.

1. Study hard
2. Make friends with everyone you know
3. Pray
4. Love and honor your parents
5. Make apologies when you are wrong
6. Take every chance to make something of yourself
7. Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it
8. Do the best you can all the time
9. Take the opportunities that come along
10. Life's too short to hold grudges
11. Keep studying all the time, even by correspondence is better than nothing.
12. Thrive on study
13. Be persistent, and don't ever give up
14. Use every opportunity you can to make a difference for others
15. Don't waste your life, make the most of every moment
16. You are the one who can choose to be happy or sad in every circumstance
17. Treat everyone like they are special
18. Help other people by teaching them what you know
19. It's not about what the world holds for you, it's about what you bring to it.
20. Love and want to be loved
21. Don't be easily influenced! Stay strong, and devote yourself to your dreams
22. Go above and beyond the call of duty, and do what others are not expecting of you
23. Never loose hope in the future, and in God
24. Listen to counsel
25. We all have unfulfilled dreams
26. Trust God that everything will work out
27. Be grateful and happy in every circumstance
28. Walk by faith not by sight
29. Never give up on someone you love
30. Enjoy every moment you have, and treasure the beauty of life


  1. Wow! Elanee! :) I want to watch this with you!!!!!!!!!!! :):):) It's one of my favorite books so I'm sure I would totally love the movie! :D

    1. I'm still waiting for our Anne of Green Gables all nighter:):);)
      I know you would just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I started the second one a while ago, but I was super sick at the time and only watched the first ten minutes of it. Maybe one of these days I'll finish it...

    1. You really should finish watching the rest of it! I'm sure you would like it:)

  3. Oh, that was my absolute favorite movie growing up. I used to look forward to watching it every year on public broadcasting. God used it like a beacon of hope in my worldly home and Anne quickly became my role model for many, many years. And then years later after being led astray by lofty notions of romance and the perfect suitor, it was Marilla Cuthpert that brought me back when she said: “Anne, you have tricked something out of that imagination of yours that you call romance. Have you forgotten how he (Gilbert) gave up the Avonlea school for you so that you could stay here with me? He picked you up everyday in his carriage so that you could study your courses together. Don't toss it away for some ridiculous ideal that doesn't exist. Hmm? Now, you come downstairs and see if a good cup of tea and some of those plum puffs I made today don't hearten you.” Ahhh, what a great movie (and book too!). 

    1. You have some wonderful history with Anne of Green Gables! It's amazing how God uses things like movies and books to help us continue to grow and keep our focus on Him!

  4. Thank you for sharing, Elanee! I SO enjoy watching the Anne of Green Gables films. Those are really good lessons that you gleaned from the film.

    1. It's neat to see how many people like the movie:) The lessons came as I was thinking about how it's especially good when we can watch movies for more than just entertainment!

  5. I've watched the entire Anne of Green Gables series up till when she has to go search for Gil after the war. I love them. It is an amazing movie. :)

    1. Maybe someday you'll get to finish it:) Yes, You can tell it's a great movie when people are still selling it for more money than a new DVD costs!