Happy New Year!

Happy New year, and Welcome to all of my followers!
2012 was a great year for me as a person, as I discovered more about God, and myself.  Here are photos and comments of some my "great achievements" last year! 
 My family and I at the Statue of Liberty !
It was so fun to be able to Bicycle again this summer!
It was so wonderful to go to the Vision Forum Food Conference in July!

We were blessed to sing selections form Handel's Messiah with some dear friends!
We had a beautiful fall this year! This is one of my favorite photos of the season!
We enjoyed our time at the Washington Mother Daughter Tea in October!
It was wonderful to be at the Bible  Bee again this year, and cheer on all the contestants!
I was so excited for my friends from Oregon who did so well in the Competition!
God is so good to me!

The biggest blessing for me this year was being able to help out with our local Bible Bee, and then go with my family to Volonteer at the National Bible Bee in November! God taught me more about His bigger perspective on life, as I enjoyed meeting hundreds of Christians across the country in our numerous family trips this year! One perspective I had not seen before, was when I realized that there are thousands of Christians across the Country and around the world that have the same struggles, fears, challenges, and desires that I do! There are so many people struggling with the same thoughts and desires that I am struggling with, and it really helped me to focus on God's bigger picture, and see that I am not alone in this quest of life!

Our local Bible Bee Group! It was such a fun experience to help make the group a success! Helping out almost made up for the fact that I couldn't compete this year(:
  At a beautiful resort in Colorado!
My family and I at the beach!

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  1. You all are such special friends! We are so blessed to have such delightful times with you all!