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Recently, I've been reading "Start Here" by Alex and Brett Harris. It has been very encouraging to read, and has really inspired me to do Hard things for God no matter what the cost. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the book, I would highly recdommend that you read "Start Here" if you haven't read it before.

"If we say that we want to do hard things for God, and are not satisfied with pursuing 
excellence where he has placed us, we are really desiring glory for ourselves not God. 
Start right where you are! With a new attitude and a new heart and an open mind to how 
the everyday hard things you do right now will lead you to the next step! 

How to start! 

1. What do I like to do?  It is likely that God is calling you to take the next step in what 
your already doing. The gifts, talents, and interests God has given you are clues to what 
God is calling you to do.
2. Who can help me think this through? Prov20:29 your parents, older siblings, teachers, pastors, and mentors, are there to help you on the way.
Seek the advice of others as you pursue God's calling.
3. Would this conflict with the God given obligationsI have?
Our main focus in this time of life, is to prepare for marriage, work, family, service to others, leadership, and ministry. You should ask, will this help me prepare for adulthood? Say yes to preparation, and no to distraction.
4. What if I just want to join other people in what they are doing?
We are often called to do hard things as part of a family team. We are all part of someone else's project. Gods.
5. Do small hard things really count? Of course, small doesn't always mean easy. We should always do what is right even if it is insignificant. Everything can be done for Gods glory. You must ask yourself what ultimately counts? Me or God?Galations 6:9dont despise the day of small things. Neither fame nor obscurity is the goal, the goal is obedience to God effectiveness in what he calls us to do, & a heart the glorifies Him always. 
6. I know God wants me to something with this idea, but I'm not ready right now, what can I do to get ready? Don't make excuses. don't be afraid. 
Realize that in order to have a vision for changing the future, you will have to change yourself first. Start with yourself right where you are, and prepare for God's big plans by preparing yourself!

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  1. Did you read "Do Hard Things" first, Elanee?
    Several of my friends are mentioned in these books. :)