Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Sister:)

The Best is Yet to Be!
By: Elanee Smythe

As I think about you today,
a flood of memories overwhelms me.
Memories that I don't want to go away,
of how you've lived faithfully.

In the midst of conflict, and strife,
you are always steadfast and sure,
You've had your ups and downs in life,
but, you've taught me how to endure.

Knowing you has been such a blessing,
You're a friend like no other.
You encourage all who know you,
whether sister, friend, or brother.

You've a gracious spirit, & forgiving heart.
You're organized, and compassionate,
highly motivated, and really smart,
But best of all, you're very patient.

Patience is very challenging,
especially when the future is so bleak.
You've taught me to ask God for strength,
and acknowledge that we're weak.

Your life is not a mystery,
it's been planned right from the start,
God is in control
of your future and your heart.

Your life has been a gift,
sent from heaven above,
And you've shown me what it means,
to not see, and yet love.

You're a sister, friend an example.
to more than just me.
Your influence is amazing,
Reaching far into eternity.

You're an invaluable treasure,
with Character all can see,
I could trade you with no other,
You mean so much to me.

So believe me when I say,
I love you with all my heart.
You've always been a good sister,
right from the start.

I believe God has great things in store,
for you and for me.
So, lets trust Him together,
and know that the Best is yet to be!

Happy Birthday Yvonne:)


  1. What a great poem, Elanee! It is so true. Yvonne is all of that and much more. :)

  2. Wonderful post Elanee!!! Yvonne is such a godly example!!!

  3. Beautiful poem, Elanee!!! Both you and Yvonne are true gifts to all of us from the LORD!

  4. Happy {belated} Birthday to Yvonne! I trust she had a wonderful day! The poem was wonderful and Yvonne is all of it and more :)