The Purpose!

Welcome to my new blog Elanee's Endeavors. 
My name is Elanee, and currently I am working on many new endeavors, some spiritual and physical. This blog is to let you know how life is going for me, and to help you keep your focus on life Greatest endeavor, to love and please Christ! 
Herein you will find up to date information on how God is working in my life, and hopefully you will be inspired to press on in your life's great endeavors.
Check out my pages (located on the top of my blog)  have fun reading and keeping updated, and most importantly,post a comment about what great endeavors God has in your life right now!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

"For thus saith The Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel;In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Isaiah 30:15


  1. BTW~ Who came up with your blog name??? It's a great name! :)

  2. Seriously? I would think you would remember who had such a brilliant mind;) Actually, thank you so much Eden, for the idea for the name. It is the perfect name! I had been praying that God would give me a blog name that was something more than just my name, and something that had a purposeful sound to it! So thank you for being the instrument of inspiration in my life. I appreciate you SO much!